A look at Louis Chenevert’s career success

Louis Chenevert is a French-Canadian businessman who holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Production Management option. Louis has worked for different companies including General Motors where he worked for more than a decade and Pratt & Whitney business unit of the larger United Technologies Corporation for six years. Louis was a production general manager for 14 years at s.t Therese and has been a CEO and chairman at the helm of United Technologies Corporation (UTC).The six years he spent at Pratt and Whitney Canada gave him an advantage of being the president of the entire Pratt & Whitney division in 1999. He served as the president for seven years before he was elected president and CEO at UTC.

During his interview at Ideamensch, Louis acknowledged that the idea of UTC was born by putting many brains together. This was done by his colleagues who included executives and groups of small teams who had a better understanding of the needs of the customers and who were ready to provide great products. He added that this idea became effective by making sure there was a leadership team that made sure crucial objectives were achieved.

Louis outstanding achievements worth $100 billion when he was the leader of the business cannot be forgotten. Louis has dedicated himself to improve UTC by using his knowledge and experience. Louis has unique leadership qualities that have enabled him to take UTC, to another level. His ability to identify projects that would increase the company’s overall performance is patently a great quality. Chenevert was behind the success of UTC’s Pratt and Whitney where they were declared the sole suppliers of the F-35 engine for the US government.

According to Forbes, since joining Pratt and Whitney in 1993, Chenevert has played a significant role in enabling consistent growth of market shares of UTC. His outstanding work has been recognized by receiving several honors including the 2009 honor award from the National Building Museum, an honorary doctorate from HEC Montreal and being named the person of the year by Aviation Week and space technology in 2011.Chenevert’s legacy at UTC lives on.


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