Shiraz Boghani Bags A Leadership Award Thanks To His Input In The Industry Of Hospitality

Sussex is a healthcare facility that cares for older generations. The renowned health organization thrives on its ability to provide unmatched services to the world’s ever-growing population. That is why Sussex Healthcare was ranked a top organization by the European Union. This ranking was based on excellence in service delivery. For such an organization to register such performance, it is evident that the leader behind its operations is a dedicated one.

Mr. Shiraz Boghani is a familiar name in this organization. He is the chairman of Sussex healthcare and has dedicated time and expertise to developing viable working relations in and outside the organization.

Background Data
Mr. Shiraz Boghani is always aware of the operations of his organization. That is why he has decided to delve further into ensuring that patients get to receive proper healthcare. Of course, in as much as these patients are entitled to this care, other nurseries for the elderly would not be in a position to provide the same services like Sussex Healthcare.

Sussex Healthcare
Boghani has always wanted to transform his community in one way or the other. To accomplish this dream, he decided to donate millions towards supporting Sussex Healthcare in its mission to provide a healthy living environment for the old. At the same time, Boghani has progressively initiated partnerships made to cheer and support the progress of Sussex Healthcare. With Boghani in charge, Sussex Healthcare has invested in revolutionary technology with the sole purpose of exploring different treatment methods for patients with hearing problems, physical problems, and mental disabilities.

Splendid Hospitality Group
Besides being the chairman of Sussex Healthcare, Mr. Shiraz Boghani is the head cheerleader of Splendid Hospitality Group. Before we look at what this corporation deals with, it is essential to note that with the help of Mr. Boghani, the company has been leading in the list of some of the best hotels in the world. This explains why Shiraz was awarded the Hotelier of the Year award at the prestigious Asian Business Awards in 2016.

Boghani has been instrumental in leading this corporation to the higher ranks of service delivery. That is why he was awarded. Besides, he has vast experience in business management, an aspect that has contributed to his current success story. Well, as a dynamic entrepreneur who manages 19 trading hotels, Boghani’s business acumen is an interesting aspect to bank in. As such, he makes a unique role model and an inspiration to many.

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