What You Need To Become A Good Real Estate Developer Like Nick Vertucci

Real estate has its ups and downs and going into that market has its own set of risks, but if you have the determination and are willing to do your homework, you can have the same kind of success in it that Nick Vertucci, founder of the NV Real Estate Academy has had. In fact, you don’t have to have a lot of capital to get started because there are ways you can start your on-the-job learning of the subject without having to fully dive into the field. Nick Vertucci and his instructors show people of all backgrounds how to do this at the academy, but for anyone who’s skeptical about the help the academy can be, Vertucci’s own story might be just what they want to hear.

Nick Vertucci was in a totally different field before he got into real estate. He had come from a very low-income working family and had fought his way from homelessness into a more stable situation by starting up a computer sales company. The business allowed him and his family to buy a home and live a fairly comfortable life, but he said the biggest mistake he had made was not having a savings plan built up in case something went wrong. And that very thing happened when the dot-com crashed occurred in 2000 which wiped out his business and his personal finances. It was about a year and a half before he found out a better way to build wealth and secure his family’s future.

Nick Vertucci heard about a weekend workshop in town in which the hosts were going to talk about real estate and how it could work. He attended it and while he said there was a lot he heard that he didn’t understand, something told him he just might be able to find what he was looking for in this field. Over the next several years he figured out ways to flip residential properties, and while it did take a little time for the returns to come in, they generated more income than he ever thought imaginable. Vertucci found his financial freedom at last, and now his academy is here to share the things he learned over the course of 10 years in sessions that can put people to work within months. The academy has received many testimonials of people who realized jumping in and taking a risk really worked with Vertucci’s academy.

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