Ronald Fowlkes and the FirstSpear Team Are Playoff Ready

Besides the official U.S. Marine Corps slogan familiar to the public, ‘Semper Fi’, Always Faithful, there are unofficial slogans springing from the camaraderie of the Marines, themselves, “When we go to work, people shoot at us.” Proud Marine, there are no ex-Marines, Ronald Fowlkes lived these slogans in Iraq and, subsequently, as a civilian, serving the public for 10 years in his hometown St. Louis as a Police Officer, and as a SWAT team leader.


Moreover, having a noteworthy interest in military-grade gear, combined with his military and law enforcement background, provided Ron the experience to succeed as a Military Sales Rep for ITW, a longtime supplier to the U.S. Military. The added responsibility of Business Development Manager ensued from Ron’s sales acumen and customer focus.


In Ronnie Fowlkes Marines, and frequently during his tenure in St. Louis law enforcement, the best heavy duty protective vests, the longest lasting outerwear, and the most rugged packs and bags, interestingly had one commonality, products produced by FirstSpear, an organization where he is Director of Business Development. Ron’s enthusiasm for FirstSpear, based in the St. Louis suburbs, is strikingly evident as he exclaims, “We build the Ferrari of the tactical world!”, an important consideration for the Navy Seal on a dangerous mission, or the Army jumper about to parachute into a combat zone. Ever had a zipper jam on a raincoat or a loose Velcro closure on a rucksack? As Ron attests, for the military user, failure is not an option.


Under Ron Fowlkes guidance, promotion of FirstSpear is through trade shows and other marketing activities, notwithstanding representatives who work with the Defense Department and state and local law enforcement. But, strikingly illustrative, the customer focus of FirstSpear drives its growth, with new and repeat business frequently resulting from word of mouth, positive customer experiences bringing in sales opportunities.


Family man Ronnie Fowlkes is an avid hockey fan, comfortably discussing the Save Percentage of Blues goalie Jake Allen, passionately coaching his own kid’s youth hockey team. Ron’s hockey blog on Medium contains player minutiae and opinion interesting both the average fan and the rabid follower. How else would fans learn that goalie Jeff Glass is a 32-year-old rookie for the Chicago Blackhawks who played in Russia for eight years?


Former military personnel are frequently leaders in the corporate environment, certainly for their teamwork skills, relationship building, and attention to detail. Ron Fowlkes cites those qualities, adding honesty and integrity as the pillars of his management philosophy, “Surrounding yourself with good people is important. Learn how to delegate and manage as you cannot do it all yourself. Enjoy learning from others and realize that you cannot have all of the right answers.”


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