Lacey and Larkin: Supporting human rights activities in Arizona

Towards the end of last year, there was something that happened in the United States that will remain in the minds of human rights supports in the state of Arizona. President Donald Trump took the initiative of pardoning Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County after he was found guilty of ignoring court orders.

The ignorance to caught orders was coming from another case which had been launched by Lacey and Larkin where he was found to have participated in acts that amounted to racial discrimination. Joe Arpaio was a rogue officer who perpetrated actions of human right violation without any regard to the law. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Human rights are significant for every human being. This is the only way through which people can learn to respect others and treat them as human beings just like they are. Joe Arpaio seemed to have missed the human rights chapter of the law. He perpetrated his actions like there existed no laws in the country.

He did not care about the dignity of human life as long as he was dealing with immigrants. Arpaio was a racist. He thought that his race is superior to others who were coming to the United States in search of greener pastures. Many immigrants suffered under his leadership since they were out through acts of discrimination and torture through jailing.

The funny this is that Joe Arpaio won the position of the sheriff for six times in a row. How did he manage this? According to journalists Jim Larkin, Joe Arpaio is a very smart politician. He knew that he could manage to retain the seat if he played into the interest of the nationalists who were the majority in the state.

Nationalists approved of the actions being taken by Joe Arpaio, and that is how he managed to make it to the position of leadership. Every time he would convince them how he had gotten rid of the immigrants who were threatening to take up their jobs among other things.

Joe Arpaio was however taken to court by journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin for violation of their rights. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

He had ordered for their arrest in 2007 because of writing a story in a publication they owned, the story touched on the conduct of Joe Arpaio, and that is why he felt threatened by the duo. Lacey and Larkin were put behind bars for a single night and were released the following day. After release, they initiated a court case to protest the action taken by Arpaio.

They won the court case and were given $3.75 million in compensation. They have started an organization with this money. They fund other non-profits human rights groups in the state of Arizona who support the fight against human rights discrimination.

Joe Arpaio was found guilty of not adhering to court orders which required him to stop human rights discrimination.

Joe Arpaio was set free through a pardon handed by President Trump. Lacey and Larkin are concerned that there is nothing that is being done to deal with the human rights violations taking place in the country.

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