How Cassio Audi Drummed His Way To The Top.

The beats to songs such as “Soldiers of Sunrise,” among other songs in the “Soldiers of Sunrise” album will make you shake your head, want to sing along to the lyrics, and somewhat attempt to mimic a rock band drummer.In all the songs that make up the album, one thing is constant; that is, the ingenuity in the drumbeats.Cassio Audi is the man responsible for all the catchy beats in songs on the album, which was the first album by Viper, a Brazilian heavy metal band.

The band comprised of five members including Cassio.The group gained popularity in the 1980s for the album, which also earned a four-star from AllMusic. This is an online catalog of music tracks and albums.The drumbeats make up an important part of the rock song in the heavy metal genre. The drummer must produce loud beats, which must be delivered in an artistic arrangement to make the melody memorable.The drums also determine how fast a vocalist sings.

This makes the drummer a crucial person in the band.The rock band soared to fame during Cassio’s stint at the band. In the four years, he was a drummer for the band; they recorded their first demo album titled “The Killera Sword“.This tape exhibited the talent of the band member, all of them teenagers at the time. The band later produced their most famous album, “Soldiers of Sunrise.”In 1989, the band released their second album known as Theatre of Fate. The album was a massive hit locally and internationally.

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