Academy of Art University Prepares Their Students For a Career in Art

Ten graduates from the University of Art Academy have recently had the opportunity to showcase their designs at the 21st runway showcase. New York Fashion Week is the place where designers can show off their collections. It is also where top names such as America’s Next Top Model’s Ms. J Alexander and Sara Kozlowski gather to appreciate the hard work of the students that attend the University.

The Academy of Art University is open to all who wish to attend and work hard and will help their students to develop their skills to the next level. They challenge their students to reach their full potential and foster creative learning.

Graduates such as Cana Klebanoff, Ryan Yu, Jelly Shan, Joanna Jadallah, and Saya Shen. The graduates come from all life experiences and from all over the world. They all have something different to contribute and are unique. They use different mediums, colors, and textures to replicates their experiences and feelings and present their very best at the annual runway showcase.

The designers featured on the runway used many different materials such as PVC, vinyl, vintage denim, and even recycled bike tires. They also experimented with contrast, varying materials such as lambskin leather, wool, and suiting fabric. They also incorporated feeling and life into their collections and dared to be different and bold. They were not afraid to showcase their emotions.

The Academy of Art University first opened its doors in 1929 and has been teaching its students ever since. The Academy helps their students to develop their talents as designers and encourages them to hold true to their individuality. Talented and experienced designers, scholars, and professionals are the primary teachers of students who attend the University.

The Academy teaches all aspects of art learning such as architecture, art history, fine arts, communications and media technologies, and, of course, fashion. They also tech game development, graphic design, illustration, and industrial design. They teach their material online as well as abroad and offer programs for those who wish to enhance their continuing education as well as those who wish to prepare for university.



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