NGO Van Gives Tips for Hosting Rally

To anyone who has ever worked on a political campaign, or even anyone who has watched campaign coverage on TV, it is no secret that a big rally can be a make or break moment for a candidate. Luckily for us NGP Van, the most successful progressive fundraising/compliance tool on the market, has released a a few tips on how to turn your rally into a complete slam dunk!

Much like in the field of real estate, when planning a campaign rally: location is everything. NGP Van recommends a willingness to think outside the box and get creative with your location. Once you’ve found a good spot it is up to you to double and triple check that the sound system in the room is going to be ready to go. Additionally, get in the space multiple times before the rally and start thinking about where you can place campaign paraphernalia strategically. Once the location is set and you’ve got a general idea about how the room will look it is time to advertise the event to all of your current supporters! A tool like NGP Van will allow you to send curated invites to potential attendees and will go a long way in ensuring a successful rally.

What many people forget that just because the rally is over doesn’t mean the work is. By utilizing volunteers at the rally to take down information from attendees you can turn the support of a great rally into continuous grassroots activists. NGP Van, which excels at microtargeting and digital engagement would be the perfect tool to do just that. By locking down commitments to volunteer from supporters at your rally you can turn it into the gift that keeps on giving for weeks to come.

The stress of pulling of a great rally can feel intense at times, but if you follow the simple tips from NGP Van you can easily pull it off! As the gold standard in progressive campaigns NGP Van knows what they are talking about, so get to work on planning and let their software allow you to remain in contact with your campaign’s eager supporters.

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