PSI-Pay’s: One of UK’s top Financial Tech Providers

Less than a week ago PSI-Pay and Kerv announced the world’s first digital ceramic ring that allows users to make payments with a simple scan. Once a transaction is complete, the user will hold the ring less than two inches away from a card reader to complete the purchase. Users will pay with their PSI-Pay account balance and a little light on the ring will turn green once the transaction is successful. Kerv’s founder, Phil Campbell commended PSI-Pay for their “open-minded” and “responsive” nature and how the product would not be as successful with this partnership. Managing Director Phil Davies stated that the company was “extremely pleased” to have partnered up with Kerv on this project.

As of 2007, PSI-Pay has been operating as one of UK’s largest financial tech company providing global corporations with numerous sponsorship payment solutions. Two years ago they have declared 2015 to be their best financial year as they experienced an increase of 29% in business volumes and 45% of income revenue.

Since 2009, PSI-Pay has been a principle issuer of Mastercard International and has been offering MasterCard solution throughout the EU since 2014. They specialize in providing a safeguarded client account that restricts the pooling of funds, Mastercard ICA and a BIN for financial reporting, providing direct contact with a client’s processing partners, providing non-mark up MasterCard fees, and providing flexibility for card manufacturer choices. They offer prepaid cards, debit cards, and contactless programs.

The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union has initiated a significant financial impact on the country’s currency value. Fortunately, PSI-Pay has prepared for this possibility and responded with a formulated strategy. They will like to reassure all current customers that the company will proceed “business as usual” and that their clients will experience any negative consequences caused by Brexit.

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