Why You Will Want to Work with Dr. David Samadi

One of the most popular celebrity doctors today is Dr. David Samadi. What is the reason that celebrities would like to work with Dr. David Samadi? His diverse background and personal life give him the ability to work with and talk to people from all walks of life. Dr. Samadi was born in a Jewish Persian community located in Iran. He was bron into a family with one brother and a sister. During his teen years. Dr. Samadi was forced to leave this community and move onto Belgium. This took place just after the Revolution in 1979.

There were many changes that influenced his life. One of the biggest influences during his lifetime was that he and his brother were forced to leave Iran without his parents and his younger sister.That was very difficult for them to do, but it would serve him well later in life, helping him accept any challenge that would come his way. The brothers new that they faced many challenges, but they chose to face them together. It was through this experience that they would discover how far they could go.

David Samadi longed to become a doctor and make his parents proud. Once he and his brother Dan arrived in the United States, they began to experience the true fulfillment of what life was like in America, and the first 6 years were productive for Dr. David Samadi. He finished his first years at Stonybrook Medical with honors, something only many young doctors dream of.Reaching for the stars, Dr. David Samadi chose to practice medicine splitting time between Belgium and London. Once he came to America, he was able to complete his schooling in Roslyn, NY. It was at Stonybrook that he studied biochemistry. Attending on a full scholarship, he was able to push hard to earn honors in his studies. It was in 1994 that Dr.David Samadi was able to earn his postgraduate training in Urology.

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