Jorge Moll Neuro Science Researcher

Jorge Mill has a very fascinating medicine history. He received his MD from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. He lives in Brazil as well with his family. Jorge always wanted to be a doctor. He is the president of D’Or institute of research and education. He also serves on the board of many medical groups. He attribute the founding of D’Or to his desire to help his country. He is very passionate about helping the people of Brazil ( He wants his practice to be of blessing to his homeland. Neuro science is a serious business, and it’s good to know someone is in it for the people. Jorge also has family in Brazil as well.

Jorge Mill is always looking to help out anyway he can. He spend his days doing research and assisting his students with their studies in the medical field. He has overw0 years of experience in the industry, so he is definitely the go to guy. If any one knows about the brain, it’s the guys at D’OR research facilities.

Jorge is a huge fan of artificial intelligence and he is interested in learning about how the brain and machine can work along side each other. He runs a non profit research institute and published very good neurological studies. He hopes to make advancement that will help the people of Brazil love a higher quality life.

As a neurologist, Jorge is very passionate about learning what makes the brain work, and how we can work along side with technology to produce better outcome. He lives in Rio where he went to school and run his research facility. As a neurologist, he is always working to bring new advancement in the field. If you’re looking for more information on Jorge, you can search him up on (LinkedIn) and Facebook.

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