Dr. Mark McKenna’s Success In The Cosmetic Industry

Dr. Mark McKenna received his medical degree from the Tulane University School of Medicine. He eventually moved to Atlanta, Georgia to open a full-service cosmetic chain ShapeMed in 2007. ShapeMed offers laser hair removal, Botox injections, and weight and nutrition counseling. ShapeMed operated out of four offices that were bringing in $4 million a year in revenue. In 2014, Lifetime Fitness acquired ShapeMed and asked McKenna to become their medical director. By this time, Dr. Mark McKenna has already been approached by outside capital to create his own brand. Before jumping into another business, he took some time off to spend with his wife and newborn daughter in Atlanta.

After college, Dr. Mark McKenna worked as a doctor in his father’s private practice for five years. After seeing his father’s struggles with billing and insurance issues, he wanted to create a fee-for-service medical practice of his own. He wanted to provide wellness and aesthetics services that didn’t rely on reimbursement and billing changes that come with insurance.

Currently, Dr. McKenna is establishing a new chain of medical offices called OVME. What makes OVME stand apart is the app that benefits freelance practitioners and their Botox patients. Customers who use the app can connect with professionals who make house calls to administer facial fillers. The app will also give their customers the ability to have virtual consultations. Forms are conveniently filled out by email, so there is little to no wait time when you go into their offices. The app allows practitioners to take on extra work or “moonlight” without a lot of overhead.

Dr. Mark McKenna will target new medical professionals through plastic surgery society meetings, Facebook and large trade shows in the medical industry. He is confident that his business will make over $25 million in revenue in as little as five years.


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