David McDonald is Leading OSI Group into the Future

David McDonald is the President of OSI Group. As a young boy, McDonald grew up on a farm and developed an interest in agricultural industry. He always had the desire to improve industry operations. He was educated at Iowa State University and earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Animal Science. Upon graduation in 1991, he pursued employment opportunities with OSI Industries, a company based in Chicago, Illinois. He began as an entry level hire and through hard work, determination and commitment to his job, McDonald rose through the ranks to become the Chief Operation Officer (COO) and the President.

In 2016, OSI acquired Baho Foods. McDonald saw the acquisition as an additional compliment to the OSI family. It allowed OSI to expand its European market and help OSI keep up with the increasing demand for service and products. The acquisition also allows OSI to keep pace with global trends. It is due to David McDonald leadership that made the acquisition work as well as it does because of the coordination between the global logistics team and local operations.

McDonald brings to OSI the entrepreneurial spirit and that inspires team members to go above and beyond to meet the demands and the needs of the customers. That same spirit brings on the “can-do” attitude to develop creative solutions to simple and sometimes perplexing challenges. Being a privately owned company solutions allow for patience and flexibility. McDonald sees the best management decisions are made close to the customers region. This gives OSI the ability to work globally, but locally and the benefits are what is best for the company and customer relationship.

McDonald finds the inspiration to be innovative by the customer’s needs. The challenges to find the most cost effective and efficient solution for the customer is what OSI Group does best. Through McDonald’s leadership he inspires and challenges his team to rise to the top to find solutions for the customer’s challenges. In order to stay competitive and maintain an edge over the competition McDonald is an advocate of adapting to change. To deny anything ever changes will destroy a business quicker than anything. Adapting to change has become the mainstay for OSI and that has given them the cutting edge to stay ahead of the game.

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