Dr. Dov Rand – Business Leader and Specialist in New Jersey

Dov Johanan Rand, MD is a physician and businessman currently based in Wayne, New Jersey and affiliated with the local Chilton Medical Center. Dov Johanan Rand, MD had his education at the Howard University Colle of Medicine before moving on to complete an internship at the St. Barnabas Medical center and then a residency at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (https://twitter.com/dr_johanan_rand).

For more than eight years Dov Johanan Rand, MD has been working as President of the Healthy Aging Medical Center, based in West Orange, New Jersey. He specializes in integrative medicine as well as in bioidentical hormone replacement. The procedure is somewhat new and not very widely talked about. The name makes it seem extremely confusing, but specialists such as Dov Johanan Rand, MD break it down int a comprehensive way.

During the procedure, specialists make use of hormones identical to a molecular level to the hormones of the body. It is often combined with testing the saliva and blood of the patient as a way to mah hormones and find bioidentical ones. The procedure aims to achieve a certain level of hormone in the body. There are many benefits of this theory including alleviating severe symptoms of menopause as well as reducing the risks of osteoporosis in adults.

Other than the bioidentical hormone replacement repay, the Healthy Aging Medical Centers offers a variety of other services. The patient can take advantage of both the men’s and women’s health and wellness programs which are specifically tailored to the needs of each individual person to ensure maximum efficacy. There are also personalized diet and fitness regimes as well as custom wellness programs.

In addition to that, the Healthy Aging Medial centers offer Heart Smart IMT evaluations, age management services, anti-aging services, treatments for andropause and menopause and there is also male hormone optimization. Patients can cave an IV nutrient therapy, concierge medicine as well as start an HCG diet.

The Healthy Aging Medical Centers focus on imping the wellness of people and help them, and their bodies age gracefully while maintaining a good physical health through various services.



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