Jorge Moll – The Virtue of Simplicity

Mentioning an opinion on Neuroscience to a room of people in a casual setting is bound to get you some looks. Neuroscience is a complex subject that is still in its infancy stages. Its diversity alone can result in a cobweb of possibilities for cause and effect. At times, the theories on the different branches are challenging to segue through. Our life path and the choices we make also share this complexity. They can be visualized as different synapses lighting the way for each decision tree of our life. One choice leads to a plethora of more choices, and each road can sometimes feel irreversible.

For Jorge Moll, a more simplistic approach to these problems can be made. Moll — who has an MD in Neuroscience — has always been passionate about helping the unfortunate. As the president of D’Or Institute of Research and Education, he coordinates a team of colleagues from different fields. This research can come from students, associates, scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs. Moll’s belief is that it is crucial to be open to perspectives from these various backgrounds. An unbridled exchange of information among these disciplines will foster healthy growth.

In terms of simplicity, Moll believes that we shouldn’t grow too attached to our ideas. Ideas are like plants, we should only water the ones that have a fertile soil. If we have belief in an idea, we should spend the majority of our time focusing on it. If something is not working, we shouldn’t be afraid to ditch a faulty premise. Repeating the same idea over and over again is a surefire way to waste time in such a multifaceted field. To choose the right ideas, one should pick the ones that are practical and fit for collaboration.

With business, he has cited his positive thinking and belief that we can change our reality. Failed business ventures are disguised learning opportunities. Moll views the positive and negative aspects of a failed business decision as a review. This review helps him in making a more informed decision next time (Interview).

Simplicity is a virtue, and adhering to Moll’s strategy is easier said than done. However, there is no doubt that he follows the wisdom of great thinkers. One of his favorite quotes by Da Vinci reflects this, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” In an era where artificial intelligence has started to blossom, it will be interesting to see where this field goes. As the future of Neuroscience broadens and our understanding grows, it will become more important than ever to adhere to the greats.


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