Dr. Dov Rand and Anti-Aging Matters

Dr. Johanan Dov Rand is a skilled doctor who has a lot of knowledge that relates to bioidentical hormones and how they function. He’s always happy to share any knowledge that involves the world of bioidentical hormones, too. Dr. Dov Rand is a wizard regarding all matters that go into the category. He’s based in West Orange in New Jersey right now. The community isn’t too far from the center of New York, New York. He’s a team member at Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He’s also the amazing entrepreneur who created it initially. He has quite a few responsibilities. Dr. Dov Rand is a practicing doctor, first of all. He’s also a medical director who serves as a mentor to many in his esteemed field. His knowledge regarding rehabilitation and physical medicine is unparalleled. He’s a physiatrist who is perpetually learning.

Dr. Dov received extensive training at New York’s distinguished Albert Einstein Medical Center. He believes in the strength of peer-review medicine. That means that he exclusively promotes treatments that have the backing of reputable medical papers or journals. He never prescribes any treatments that lack rock-solid credibility.

Dr. Dov Rand is a doctor who has empathy on his side. He genuinely cares about the issues that affect his patients. He’s been alive for about half a century so far. His patients consistently turn to him for guidance and tips that help them feel better and more confident. He at the moment is penning a book that’s called “It’s Not Too Late to Live Past 100.” People who have been around Dr. Dov Rand state that his desire to do well is hard to miss. He has a penchant for assisting individuals and helping them make key health changes. He establishes all-encompassing programs that cover many different facets. These facets are well-rounded nutritional and dietary practices, physical fitness, supplements and even bioidentical hormones. He conducts thorough physical exams on patients in order to set up effective preparations for them. This board certified doctor knows so much about the aging process. He researches functional and regenerative medicine all of the time.



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