Going Against Aging Courtesy of Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Dov Rand and this team at Healthy Aging Medical Centers work towards making sure that his patient restores and have optimal hormones just like in their young stage. This would enhance their wellness and energy levels with the use of Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy programs. The programs the pro-active holistic healthy balance of hormones, nutrition, vitamins and exercising, patients regain utmost health, vigor, and vitality. The reasoning behind this is that we age because of decline in our hormone levels. If one can boost his hormones level, he would have countered the ageing process significantly.

One advantage of bio-identical hormones replacement therapy is that it functions structurally and chemically similar to those natural body hormones made from natural yam and soy. Conventional synthetic pharmaceutical hormones are treated as foreign bodies by the body and risk the body to breast cancer and heart disease. By contrast, bio-identical hormones have been researched to reduce menstrual bleeding, improve sexual function, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and anxiety. They have no health-related side effects or increased risk of cancer. They also treat hot flashes, weight gain, a rise in blood pressure, poor memory and insomnia.

Dov Rand, M.D. is a renowned West Orange leader in providing cutting-edge therapies by providing functional, recreating and integrative approach. He attended Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. He is passionate to achieve excellent outcomes and is well equipped for his patients. He founded the Healthy Aging Medical Centers in West Orange, NJ (Twitter). He treats each patient needs individually. He practices only peer-review medicine, that is, he does not prescribe or recommend treatment to patients needs unless he can support his treatment with a medical article or journal.

On trait about Dr. Dov Rand is that he is kind to his patients, and tries to understand and remain sensitive to their health concerns and heeds. Many people prefer him when it comes to optimizing their health since he is a fitness and health expert. He is currently writing a book, ‘it is not too late to live past 100’. Dr. Dov Rand is an enthusiastic and motivated doctor who gives a comprehensive health plan that is doubt free.

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