Jorge Moll Creates Successful Foundation For Business

Jorge Moll, who lives in Rio de Janiero Brazil, is the founder and head of D,Or Institute of Research and Education which he started up in 1977. He was always fascinated on giving a helping hand to the people that are suffering with the conditions that negatively have an effect on their own lives. Jorge Moll obtain his MD in Neuroscience from the Federal University of Rio de Janiero Brazil in 1994 ( Jorge Moll was always passionate on taking the drive to learn on the fields of medical in his home country. In 2010 Jorge Moll sold the subsidiary Labs D,Or to publicly-traded Fleury SA, a Brazilian medical service provider, for over $750 million. That very same year he acquired control of Sao Luiz, a Sao Paulo based hospital group. The ways that his business is so successful this day is that Jorge always has believed that we can change our reality to think and do positive things in our lives. Not every time was so great for him. He did have negative times but he learned to grow out of those. He continues to help others who are in need this very day. Jorge Moll wants to know how the brain works in a positive and negative ways in all people. He is also fascinated by Artificial Intelligence and cognitive systems, and how machines and humans interact with one another. He’s always open minded to new ideas. He never likes to sit on ideas. You either get the job done and keep on trying or you just not do them at all. He doesn’t like failure. That is why he has spend a lot of time in researching the complex issues in the psychology and neural system of the brain. He wants to understand the emotions in the human brain. He says that it will help people with antisocial behavior.


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