Investor predicts decline of Apple shares in 2018

Paul Mampilly, a distinguished investor, has penned an opinion piece about the future of Apple. He has described it as a company on the decline. In one of his recent articles. He has opined that Apple will likely perform badly because it is no longer giving its customers, new products as it used to do. It has lost its innovative touch which was associated with it during the tenure of Steve Jobs. Steve founded the company on the foundation of innovation. He was behind most of the products that the company is known for producing. After he died, the company seem to have stalled in its abilities to produce new products.

Apple has been dealing with making adjustments to already existing products. However, according to Mampilly, this is going to be the main reason the company will decline. The customers will get tired of buying the same products over and over again, and this will drive its sales down. As one of its co-founders has already indicated, he is not happy about the recent model of the iPhone. iPhone X is the latest release, but he prefers the iPhone 8. This will means that the sales for the latest flagships by the company are likely to fail.

Apple recently received $20 billion from Warren Buffet to add to its marketing budget, but it is likely not to have an impact. The big impact is that the sales will drop and the share value in the stock exchange will fall after many years. Paul Mampilly is advising investors to stay away from the stock as it has potential to generate losses.

Investors should not only look at the history of the company, but they should also look at the impact of some of the events happening around the company operations. The company has been in the headlines recently for allegations that it is forcing its clients to buy the new models of iPhone by releasing updates that will slow the older models.

Paul Mampilly is a guru in this industry. He has predicted many stocks directions and his opinion has always come true. He is has mastered the art of analysis and making timely decisions regarding the direction of stocks.

Paul Mampilly has written multiple articles on the financial markets. Recently, he has also talked about Bitcoin being a bubble that will soon burst and expose investors to losses.

He has worked for the big companies in the industry, and besides being a hedge fund manager, he has many accomplishments to his name including winning the Templeton Foundation in 2009. He won the competition after beating many other professionals.

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