The Incredible Drive And Passion Of Pediatric Surgeon Dr Mark Holterman

As a surgeon, educator and activist, Dr Mark Holterman has become quite a leader in the field of pediatric surgery and research. Dr Holterman began his college studies at Yale and then went on to graduate from the University of Virginia with his PhD and MD. Today he specializes in pediatric surgery but his contributions to the medical field go far above and beyond just that. In addition to his practice specializing in pediatric surgery he also performs research and the study of stem cell therapies, regenerative medicine as well as obesity and novel cancer treatments (

A man with many hats, Dr Mark Holtermans aggressive approach and workload would seem almost impossible to many, yet he not only takes on many roles, he excels at them as well. Making him a clear standout and leader in the medical field.

Currently he practices pediatric surgery in Illinois at both the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital and St Francis Medical Center. In addition to that, Dr. Holterman is on the faculty at The University of Illinois College of Medicine where he also performs research and teaches. One would think that’s enough for any person but not Dr Holterman. His desire, passion and drive moved him to found and launch the Miriam Global Health Fund.

The Miriam Global Health Fund has a clear and simple mission. To bring innovative scientist in the medical field who have all the knowledge but lack the funding to move forward with their respective clinical research together with impactful investors who are looking to invest their money in something good. The results have been a win win for both scientist and investors and the fund has become very popular and he may well have pioneered the future of medical research.

If that is not enough, this amazing man has also found a way to integrate his personal life into his professional contributions along with his wife Ai-Xuan, in 2007 they took a trip to Vietnam, it was her first time returning to the country she was born in since leaving under war conditions as a teenager. As you can guess they found needs to be filled on that trip and formed a non profit in 2009 that will provide more resources and availability to pediatric care in Vietnam.

Dr Holtermans drive and energy seems to have no limits when it comes to the care of children.


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