Clayton Hutson Is a Trusted Tour Manager

Clayton Hutson is honestly not the kind of person who ever gets overwhelmed while in the presence of famous individuals. He couldn’t be that kind of person no matter what. He’s been working alongside world-renowned musicians of all kinds for longer than most individuals can comprehend. It’s something that comes as naturally as breathing to him at this point. People who know Clayton well often call him by his nickname, Clay.


Hutson is a laid-back man who has been a part of the music scene since childhood. Music isn’t just something he decided to take up on a whim. It’s a true way of life for him. He can barely remember his existence without it. He’s frequently part of the sound department in his line of work. He’s a trustworthy production manager and production designer who has a fabulous track record. Skilled musicians know all too well how dependable Hutson is. They know they can lean on him to secure live music performances that are top of the line in quality. Hutson doesn’t ever let them down. He remains updated on all of the most exciting, contemporary and innovative live music pieces of equipment. He knows how to use sound equipment that’s sophisticated and complex, too. He knows how to adjust equipment in order to make it even better and more efficient. Hutson isn’t afraid to go the extra mile to make the musicians he works with feel confident, safe and secure. He doesn’t want them to ever agonize about live performance mishaps or confusion. Learn more:


Hutson isn’t the kind of professional who ever relies on serendipity. He knows all about paying his dues. He worked tirelessly in music for a long time. That’s the thing that enabled him to transform his zeal into a lifelong vocation of sorts. Hutson has given his skills and knowledge to so many widely known musical acts. Several examples of these acts are Kelly Clarkson, Garbage, Guns N’ Roses and, last but not least, Pink. Kelly Clarkson was the first winner of the famed television program “American Idol.” Garbage is a prominent Scottish-American alternative rock outfit that has been a sensation all around the planet since back in the nineties. Pink is a vocalist who is known for belting it out and stunning acrobatics on the stage. Hutson is equipped with engineering proficiency that helps him every day on the job. He’s always learning more about engineering.


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