USHEALTH A Company Committed to Community and Help

USHEALTH, Inc. is a Health Insurance organization based in Fort Worth, Texas. With a vision and mission of having as many people as possible being placed under health insurance; USHEALTH has always remained the key player in maintaining an improved healthcare to its beneficiaries. It tends to target a wide variety of US citizens, starting from small business owners, self-employed individuals, families, and employees, to people of high profile in the community. For at least 50 years, USHEALTH has ensured that more than 15 million US individuals can afford quality healthcare, and the list continues.

USHEALTH with its affiliates understands that every client is unique in their way and so are their needs. The same reason acts as an explanation as to why the organization is keen on offering professional training to the advisors before they can handle every client’s needs. USHEALTH recognizes that there is the need for all customers to be supplied with nothing less than genuine services while they aspire to thrive in the contemporary corporate society.

USHEALTH does recognize some of the most common health complications that most people tend to encounter on a regular basis. To act as a solution provider, it has agglomerated with other organization to offer some health benefits regarding the challenges. There is what is known as the Essential Health Benefit (EHB), which is set aside by the organization to enable the beneficiaries to benefit from its existence. The EHB aims at providing coverage to ten categories of health care services as described in the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The USHEALTH organization has some workers ranging from the Account Manager to Insurance Agent Contractor. For the good job that they have been doing, the best way to appreciate their effort and motivate them is through better pay. The Account Manager of the USHEALTH has an annual salary of. $52, 078 (24 salaries) while the Insurance agent $ 70, 038 (10 salaries), and finally, the Insurance Agent Contractor $ 85,037 (6 salaries). The USHEALTH has many other agents who are as well paid on a monthly basis. Visit:


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