Whitney Wolfe Elevates with Bumble

There is a rise of the woman in society today. With all of the sexual harassment allegations and confirmations that are happening it appears that women have a bigger platform than ever before. Whitney Wolfe is one such person that has a platform where she is able to make change, and this is what she has done with Bumble.

The life that Whitney Wolfe has lived could easily be part of the #me-too campaign as well based on her early years as an entrepreneur. Whitney Wolfe has shown a great amount of determination and resilience as she has stepped up the dating app game that has trumped many of the other dating apps that are out there. It is slowly brewing as one of the most popular apps around. It does not have the same widespread platform that Tinder has yet, but it is definitely going to get there because women are telling their friends, and Whitney Wolfe is getting more coverage in magazines and seminars where she talks about Bumble and the way that she is expanding this app.

The Texas born-and-bred entreprenuer that is still under the age of 30 has proven that she has something more to offer than what all of the other monotony of dating apps is about. She has shown users that are ready to experience a different type of community where there is less harassment and more verification of real user accounts that Bumble is the place to be.

What a lot of women like about Bumble right now is that it is almost something of an insider secret. A person could go out into the streets and connect with several people that they wanted to survey. More than half of them, depending on where they live, may say that they have never heard of Bumble. The few that have, however, are the ones that are spreading the word about it. These are typically professional women and men that have careers and goals for serious long-term relationships. This is what makes this app work. The people that are signing up and becoming members are the ones that really want to find love.

Currently, Whitney has been able to get this out in a place where it thrives in areas like New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Austin. It should be no surprise that it is popular in Austin because the headquarters is there.

To know more visit @: www.fastcompany.com/person/whitney-wolfe

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