Jorge Moll is One Hardworking Man

When it comes to Jorge Moll, he is considered anything but a boring man. For many years, now Moll has been a neuroscientist and has been observing the brains of many different volunteers. The newest study has brought extreme excitement to his life along with his colleague Jordan Grafman.


New Study of Jorge Moll and His Team

The newest study performed by Moll and his work colleague consisted of asking their volunteers to think about a situation in which they were donating a huge amount of money to a charity or where they were keeping the money for themselves. The results that they found were outstanding. Most of the results that they were able to find showed that a huge amount of the volunteers had placed others interest before they place had their own. Through the volunteer’s generosity, they were able to activate a primitive part within their brain that normally only lights up in response to eating food or romantic relationships.

It was in 2006 that a study happened to be conducted that found that unselfishness can lead to a good feeling. They stated that by giving that we are also able to receive. This is a claim that was made after the researchers found that most of their volunteers were left with an extremely good feeling when given versus receiving a good feeling when they were receiving.

Though Moll and others are continuing this scientific research they are beginning to learn more and more about the brain and how it reacts to unselfishness. They are hoping that in time that they will be able to determine whether the brain actually has a built-in moral compass. With time, they are also hoping that they will be able to figure out exactly how the brain is hardwired. Though they know that they are going to have to conduct several more scientific types of research in order to find out all the answers that they are looking for. In the next few years, they are hoping to be able to come up with a breakthrough that they will be able to share with others in the years to come.


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