Neuroscience with Jorge Moll, An Expert On Human Morality

Jorge Moll comes from a renowned medical family. His father, with whom he shares a name, is a noted cardiologist. While the elder Moll tackled the cardiovascular system, the younger decided to focus on the brain. He wanted to help the patients who most needed his help, those whose quality of life was most negatively impacted by their condition. As an MD and PhD, he has a wealth of knowledge to draw from when investigating the inner workings of the brain (Mundodomarketing).

Today, Jorge Moll stays very busy. In addition to his research and writing, he is the president of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education. This institute is one of the most important in Brazil. The approach this institute takes to neuroscience is innovative and highly technical. The Institute uses translational strategies, and incorporates fMRI and other technologies.

Projects currently underway at the D’Or Institute include searching for neural markers of human emotions, development of brain-computer interfaces and cellular reprogramming for neuropsychiatric purposes. Many of these research avenues dovetail neatly with Jorge Moll’s interests. Moll is interested in the way machines can work with the brain, and eagerly follows trends in artificial intelligence. His approach to neuroscience is cutting-edge and forward-looking, rather than anchored to the past.

Jorge Moll is also an advocate for change. Over time, he says he has learned not to become to enamored of an idea. If something doesn’t work, he is unafraid to jettison the concept. As a tech-savvy individual, he admits that he sometimes feels frustrated by the old-school procedures that still have a stranglehold on academic publishing. Moll uses technologies like Evernote and Trello daily.

In addition to his role as a medical doctor and researcher, Jorge Moll is also a devoted family man. In interviews, he always mentions his children and their love of popular culture. He resides in Rio de Janeiro.


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