Jorge Moll: Accomplished Neuroscientist from Brazil

Jorge Mall, the prominent Brazilian neuroscientist, studied at Rio de Janiero’s Federal University where he obtained his Doctor of Medicine (Major in Neuroscience) degree. Jorge Moll earned his Ph. D or doctorate in Experimental Pathophysiology from the University of Sao Paolo.


Virtue of Benevolence

More than a scientist, Jorge Moll cherished the thought of helping other people suffering from conditions that impact their lives adversely. Likewise, he always nurtured the desire to develop top-notch research along with education related to healthcare in Brazil. At present, Jorge Moll sits as President and member (board of directors) of the IDOR or Institute of Research and Education. At the same time, the eminent neuroscientist serves as CBNU (Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit and Neuro-Informatics Working Group director.


Busy Routine

Jorge Moll’s routine includes numerous meetings on different medical topics. He reaches out and talks to fellow scientists and researchers, colleagues, students, and entrepreneurs representing various groups. He believes in the value of free interaction and cooperation. Furthermore, Jorge Moll explained ideas abound but selecting the best concepts happens to be the most difficult. He advises professionals to pick and use ideas that can become useful programs or action plans.

The neuroscientist from Brazil admitted his fondness for the growing trend of AI or Artificial Intelligence together with cognitive technologies as well as the matter of brains and machines working as one. He also likes recent developments associated with gene therapy as well as regenerative medicine. Jorge Moll stated that productivity, particularly in business, requires transparency and skills. Business persons must not commit the mistake of repeating things.


Rising from Failure

As an entrepreneur, Jorge Moll also experienced failures but managed to recover and move on. He cited letdowns in his non-profit research institute. These breakdowns came from the inability to achieve the desired results, or the desired outcome took so long to happen. He does not see any valid solution, but the failures translate to overcoming weaknesses. The best strategy in starting a company according to Jorge Moll would be to meet the requirements of consumers and make admission to hospitals pleasant and straightforward.



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