George Soros And His Efforts To Change The Lives Of Minorities

George Soros, originally from Budapest, Hungary, has been living the majority of his life in the United States of America rising in the business sector and amassing influence and fortune. He uses both in the field of philanthropy and serves as the leader of his Open Society Foundations, operating globally.

The Open Society Foundations has been providing support for a vast number of charities, institutions, and organizations. It is working non-profit, and most the funding comes from its founder George Sorors. He has been quietly directing capital to enable the Open Society Foundations to work across the globe. In 2017, George Soros reached the tier of $32 billion of lifetime donations to the foundation.

George Soros is at the forefront of global philanthropy and has been a leader for decades. George Soros is active on all fronts of philanthropy. He has established several institutions for higher education such as the Budapest institution of the Central European University. Other than education, George Soros is actively involved in social justice, freedom of speech, protection for minorities and equal right for people of different backgrounds, beliefs, social statures, and financial abilities.

The beliefs that have been driving George Soros forward in his work are greatly inspired by the work of philosopher Karl Popper and his expansion on the concept of the open society. When George Soros started living in London after leaving Nazi-occupied Budapest, he enrolled at the London School of Economics. The book that influenced the future direction of George Soros was The Open Society and Its Enemies. Written by Karl Popper, George Soros greatly admired the philosopher and often discussed his own philosophy papers with him as Popper taught t the London School of Economics.

In the United States of America, George Soros started working in finance. He started up a hedge fund on Wall Street and in time became one of the most popular players on the stock exchange market. The corporation is called the Soros Capital Managment, and it handles billions of dollars in assets. The corporation works globally.

From the success of his hedge fund, George Soros started to donate to charities and supported a variety of causes and organizations. He began by helping black South Africans receive a better education and continued with promoting free speech and the exchange of ideas in Hungary, which was formerly a communist country. Then, George Soros founded the Central European University, went on to establish other schools and colleges across the continent, and was a strong part of the efforts to legalize same-sex marriage.

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