USHealth Group Giving HOPE Through Charitable Philosophy

Randy Hildebrandt had wanted to play major league baseball like his baseball hero Nolan Ryan. His dream to be a baseball star was on course until he blew up his shoulder while playing in high school. He underwent surgery but was never able to play again. So he switched to a new dream, that of making it in business. After posting his curriculum vitae in two job recruitment websites, he got an interview with an insurance firm in Texas. He eventually got a job selling insurance. But he was not performing. Just as he was about to quit, he decided to copy what the other salespeople who were bringing in sales were doing. He got a sales mentor who showed him what to do.

Randy’s Contribution

Randy would later join USHealth Group owned USHEALTH Advisors and meet its chief executive officer Troy McQuagge. His meeting with Mr. McQuagge inspired him to do more and he is currently one of USHEALTH’s top salesmen. He says working for USHEALTH Advisors under McQuagge’s leadership has been one the most fulfilling things in his life. See more of USHEALTH Group on Facebook

USHEALTH Advisors HOPE initiative

Helping Other People Everyday is an initiative by USHA as a way of helping people in the communities the insurance provider works in. It is supported by USHealth Group. As USHEALTH Advisors CEO puts it, each company has its soul, and USHEALTH Advisors has made it the company’s mission to help others and serve them. Through USHA local agents, the initiative has partnered with local charities and other service organizations to help others. An example is in Palm Bay, where the local USHA agent is helping prepare new homes to donate to a local, who is an Army Specialist. In Phoenix, USHA through HOPE donated $25,000 to a non-profit organization that supports families whose children have cancer and diseases that are life-threatening.

The Donations

USHealth Group and HOPE would later donate $45,000 to the same organization when it created a new chapter next to its North Texas headquarters. The HOPE initiative shows another aspect of USHEALTH Advisor; helping others, not just through their insurance, but going the extra mile to help the communities within which the company has a presence. It is more than just business, but a way of keeping the company’s soul alive.

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