The Perfect Vegan Lip Balm By EOS Review

When a new product is introduced by a company, it sometimes takes a while before they see the sales start to flow. Not so with the new vegan lip balm by the EOS company. When this product was first launched, consumers cleared the shelves faster than they could be restocked. The Evolution of Smooth Company has become quite popular over the last several years. People are familiar with their brand, and know that they can expect only the best from them. Many people could not use lip balm products because of some of the ingredients, but the new vegan lip balm by EOS has none of these ingredients. The new vegan lip balm is a clear crystal flavored product that has gained international appeal.

The new vegan crystal flavored lip balm is still in the recognizable iconic round shape, but the new product is clear, and see thru, click here. The vegan crystal flavored lip balm is free os all animal by products. People who never had a reason to buy the new vegan product are finding that they enjoy it even more than before. The bees wax has been removed, so there is no chalky feel, or a waxy build up in spots when applied. The EOS brand can be found at retail stores like Walmart, and one of the reasons that the shelves empty so fast is the low price. The price is less than most brands at only $%.49 per pack as also seen at

The Evolution of Smooth brand has leaped beyond that of Chapstick, and Blistex, which were the largest brands for decades. The new vegan lip balm comes in two flavors, Vanilla Orchid, and Hibiscus Peach, and contain all natural oils like Shae, coconut, jojoba, and other natural oils. Get yours now here on The product has been dermatologist tested, and is rich in vitamin E. This gives the user smoother, more beautiful, and softer lips.

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