New EOS Top Seller Review

The new EOS lip balm is also a top seller. It did not take long for fans of EOS to buy up all the New Vegan Crystal Flavors that they could find on the store shelves. First, a little background. EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth was just a little startup that decided to enter the highly competitive lip balm industry with their purely natural and organic lip balms. Today, the company is one of the leading lip balm companies in the country. In fact, the company has a large cult following that are totally obsessed with the lip balms.


What’s The Different

EOS fans are probably wondering about the New Vegan Crystal Flavors. Are they different from the original lip balm that is packaged in the very familiar round spheres? Well, the new lip balms are clear. You are able to see clear through to the bottom. In addition, the new lip balms are beeswax free. Consequently, the lip balms are purely vegan. This is something that is really exciting for the company. Their hope is that removing the bees wax will attract more customers that prefer products that are vegan and 100 percent natural too.


Pure Ingredients

EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth has always worked diligently to make sure that all their products only contain the highest quality ingredients that nourish the lips. Their lip balms are considered purely organic. Most contain ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, and Shea butter. The New Vegan Crystal Flavors contain a blend of 5 natural ingredients that are designed to nourish, moisturize, and soothe the lips. Currently, available in Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid.

EOS fans have simply gone crazy over the addition of the new clear flavors. Get your hands on one of the new lip balms at local retailers or online at the EOS website.  Find out more great news here on

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