Lori Senecal and How Strategic Conversations Spur KBS Creativity

Strategic conversations are used by management as a way of interacting with employees in order to get their views and input on an organization’s services. These types of conversations should be of an on-going nature to ensure the views are co-developed and fostered by both employees and management. It is these types of conversations that Lori Senecal introduced into Kirshenbaum Bond and Senecal when she became a name partner at the firm. Ms. Senecal offered the employees a course on venture capital, in order to ignite their entrepreneurial spirits so that they could help shape the business model adopted by KBS. Through the course, KBS would be able to turn its employees into innovators, thus create change within it.

Success Factors for Strategic Talks

According to researchers who studied similar innovation efforts by Red Hat and Rite-Solutions, for strategic conversations to be fruitful, certain factors have to be in place. First, there has to be a strong vision which the employees and management have to come up with ways of achieving. The work of management in such a talk is to give strategic guidance and state arising problems while the employees provide solutions. Furthermore, conversations have to be held in a structured forum to ensure all employees ideas are heard, solutions should also be sought within a discussion with a set framework. Third on the factors list is the creation of unique innovation days or events, such as an ‘Innovation Week/month,’ where conversation centers on how best to improve services or ways to achieve the set vision or goals. Finally, empowering the employees through offering resources, mentorship and guidance plays a big role in making strategic conversations a success. Check out gcreport.com to see more.

Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is credited with most of Coca Cola’s catchy adverts. She has also created adverts for Xbox and is the former president of McCann Erickson. A graduate of McGill University, she is renowned for her unique style and sense of creativity in making adverts, apart from these, Lori Senecal has done work for American Express, Vanguard, and HomeGoods among other organizations. She has seen Kirshenbaum Bond and Senecal grow into a global ad agency with an 800 workforce. You can visit YouTube to view more videos.

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