EOS recently released a new product line and we the people cannot get enough.

Vegan Crystal Flavors is flying off the shelves and for good reason. These two new flavors are crystal clear, vegan, organic, affordable and animal byproduct free. I have been a long time user of EOS lip balm and love these new vegan products. They are still packaged in their usual orbe like containers and pastel colors that are easy to spot while shopping. This new formula also, like the past formula is rich and smooth leaving your lips soft and supple for hours.

The original formula was only one ingredient from being organic in the first place, refer also to

Beeswax was what prevented EOS lip balm from being considered organic in the past. This year EOS removed form the formula and now everyone can enjoy the guilt free balm. Do not fret, EOS still contains vitamin E and Jojoba oil which can only help when it comes to dry or cracked lips.

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It is no surprise that EOS has surpassed sales of heavy hitters like Chapstick and Blistex. Vast celebrities have endorsed the balm and for good reason. When you make a quality product that is not only good for the consumer but good for mankind in general, you are winning.

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