What Made The Trabuco Go Wrong

When people see the ancient Trabuco, they often wonder what happened that made the machine stop being relevant in different senses. The machine was used to launch large boulders over walls and into cities or people below. It was an improvement of the catapult and it made things easier for people to try and hit others.

The machine was used prior to the eleventh century during times of war according to dicionarioinformal.com.br. It was a tool that could easily be used to make things harder for people to win the war. Since the boulders that an army could use to launch over the walls could wipe out entire other armies, they didn’t have to worry about fighting them back. There would be nobody after they were completely annihilated by the boulder that came from the Trabuco. It made things better for armies, but it turned out to not be as efficient as most people thought it would be.

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One major problem was that trabuco took a long time to use and took a lot of manpower to work properly. The entire army would have to get behind the machine and use their power to make it work. Since the boulders they used were often gigantic, they would need to spend a lot of time finding them and loading them into the machine. By the time they would have them in, there would be a chance the other army had already moved to a different position where they couldn’t actually hit them.

In addition to the time it took to get the Trabuco prepared, it was not efficient at hitting targets. While it was perfect for hitting entire buildings and large groups of people, the army that was using it couldn’t be quite sure where it would end up. Even if they did their best to aim it, they wouldn’t always hit it the way they thought they would. There had been many times where they would have been able to hit the groups they were aiming for, but that didn’t mean they would be able to make the boulders go where they wanted them to.

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