Paul Mampilly Offers Valid Advice Regarding Bitcoin Investment

The millennials are vastly delving into Bitcoin investment. Satoshi Nakamoto formulated the cryptocurrency payment system and released to the people in 2009. From that year, there have been updates and improvements by network developers. Like any other investment platform, Bitcoin must be approached with significant diligence and caution. Paul Mampilly, being a renewed investor, offers valid advice regarding Bitcoin investment.

Mampilly has been working for prominent and well-established firms as a financial guru. His skills better define him as an experienced business professional who is qualified to guide investors on Bitcoin investment. Mampilly is of the opinion that the cryptocurrency bubble will burst soon. Even though the winner of the prominent Templeton Foundation, an investment competition, cannot give the exact prediction regarding the cryptocurrency crash, Mampilly ardently cites that it is just a matter of duration before investors lose their money.

Wealth Creation

In 1999, most investors were of the opinion that wealth creation depended on an impressive stock market. In his trip of memories, Paul remembers that one of his friends, Tess, was the owner of technology stock shares. Tess owned up to over 1,000 % shares. Paul also recollects telling his friend that the revenue she earned was impressive and unmatched. Before the year ended, the bubble exploded, rendering many investors destitute.

The Crashing Investment Bubbles

The investment bubble that Tess was part of comprised of major companies with solid reputations. One of them was Qualcomm Inc. from NASDAQ. Owning up to 2,619%, the company swam in a drain of losses. Other technology companies owned up to 1,000 %. Other companies owned up to 900%. Mampilly is keen on advising investors that the stocks were not a representation of obscure enterprises. Instead, the shares represented the listed businesses.

Mampilly’s Survival Tips

Here is the catch. Paul Mampilly did not lose a single dime to the bubble crash. He was keen to sell his shares before the crash. That is his advice to every investor. Having monitored the stock market and shares, he realized that the trend was barely predictable and an investor’s success solely relied on the ability to tell the possibilities of failing or succeeding in business.

Paul at Youtube

Mampilly has since been an instrumental part of societal growth with his primary focus being elevating the less fortunate through offering financial advice. Perhaps Mampilly’s claim to fame is traced to his input in the Wall Street Journal. The renowned investor has continuously used his newsletters to disseminate vital information on business and the best ways to work on investment and growth.

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