Dave McDonald Supervizes Company Acquisitions

Dave McDonald has been thoroughly involved with the growth of OSI Industries. He was there to oversee the acquisition of Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a food manufacturer that operates in the European region. OSI was looking to further establish itself in new markets within Europe. The acquisition of Baho Foods gives them the resources that they need to make a presence in an unfamiliar segment of the industry. McDonald is excited about the move as well as the leaders of Baho Foods themselves. Some of them will work closely with OSI leadership. Other top management executives at Baho Foods will be left in place to continue the companies current business direction.

OSI went on to acquire Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods is a meat manufacturer that operates in the Chicago area. The company was being forced to close its doors for business. The closure would have cost over 500 people their jobs. Dave McDonald was able to supervise the acquisition and make the purchase for 7.4 million dollars. This saved hundreds of people from unemployment. Nearly 200 of these people were offered jobs at OSI Industries.

Flagship Food Group was acquired by Dave McDonald and OSI Industries. Flagship is another European food manufacturer that specializes in mayonnaise and various other serving sauces. This is a partnership that will assist OSI in spreading its influence throughout the European region. OSI believes that this type of growth creates opportunity that inspires team members within the company.

Dave McDonald continues to make an impact on the culture of OSI Industries. He observed the leadership structure in the company’s China division. McDonald wanted to ensure that every division of the company was operating up to OSI status worldwide. There will be a rotating team of experts traveling internationally to hold all division executives accountable for their decision-making processes.

OSI is committed to work-space readiness and has implemented a hiring practice that carefully screens potential employees. The company has recruiting bases throughout the world. These posts specifically include Hungary, the UK, the Asian-Pacific, Germany and the Americas. The hiring procedures accommodate OSI’s international client base. McDonald and his team are very proud of the fact that there is a very low turn over rate at the company Dave McDonald is originally from the state of Iowa. He attended Iowa State University and completed a bachelor’s degree. He joined OSI immediately after college and worked his way up to the title of COO and more


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