Jeunesse Global Makes Big Splash With All-Natural Skin Lotion

If you are actively involved in the direct marketing of health and beauty products, there is little chance that you haven’t heard of Jeunesse. The young firm, which was founded just nine years ago, in 2009, has made an astounding ascent from being a two-person operation run out of a retired couple’s garage to becoming one of the most dominant players on the global health and beauty scene.


Of course, the retired couple was no ordinary pair of snowbirds. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis have become living legends of the direct marketing industry, particularly within health and beauty circles. After having founded and grown dozens of highly successful companies, the couple decided that they would take yet another crack at living the life of the retired. On two previous occasions, the couple had failed to discover the joys of living a sedentary lifestyle filled by golf courses and bingo halls. Yet, they thought, the third time would prove to have the charm that would keep them from the call of the business world. Get More Information Here.


But the excitement and rewards of building successful business was too much temptation for the couple to bear. They ended up founding Jeunesse out of their garage as a means to keep busy for a few hours each day. But quickly, the couple’s natural drive and talent for growing businesses soon began taking over. By the end of its first year, Jeunesse was doing nearly $1 million in business and had dozens of distributors among its ranks. By the mid-2010s, Jeunesse was valued in the tens of millions.


The secret to all this success lies in Jeunesse Global ability to quickly develop effective products that fill market niches. One example of such a product is the company’s skincare lotion known as NV. NV was developed by some of the world’s leading scientists, specifically for Jeunesse. The lotion contains a patented ingredient that is proven to restore skin elasticity and promote a vital, youthful glow to the skin. (More:,19.htm)


It lasts for an entire day, conferring its many benefits with just one application. NV is available only through Jeunesse and its distributors. Watch Jeunesse Global on YouTube.

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