Importance of Having a Wellness Plan and How Jeffrey Schneider Implements these Qualities

Jeffrey Schneider has over 25 years relevant work experience and is a top leader in an alternate investment society. He is currently the CEO of an emerging investment firm based in Austin, Texas. Jeffrey Schneider, talked about the emergence of fitness fads every year and how he tries them all albeit for a day or two. He opined that for any emerging trend to become part of our lifestyle, it must be enjoyable, sustainable and flexible. Mr. Schneider spoke about how he chooses a fitness and health program that works. He revealed that he only goes for the best ideas from a number of wellness programs that fit his lifestyle well. Here are some points that outline the importance of having a wellness plan in your life.

Importance of Wellness Programs

Wellness programs have become more popular today than they were a few years back. These programs started off as perks for employees working in large corporations. However, these corporate fitness programs have become common to both small-sized and medium businesses as they form part of their benefits package. Wellness programs bring employees together, improves their morale and helps in making them more productive.

Fun and Improved Productivity

At times work can get repetitive, draining and boring. This often lowers your productivity and drains morale. You should mix up a number of initiatives and activities that will not only be fun to try out but also help in improving your life at work. When you engage in a great work wellness plan like healthy eating or exercise, your performance and productivity improves drastically. You will note that your brain will focus better on the tasks at hand and you will feel motivated and energized to accomplish your goals. Proper nutrition and exercise will mark the end of feeling burned out or falling asleep while at work.


Reduced healthcare Costs

A number of different studies have been conducted on the financial impact caused by wellness programs. When you choose a wellness program that promotes taking good care of your health and exercise, your whole being improves highly. This in turn eliminates or reduces your chances of falling sick and getting injured thereby saving you a lot of money in the end. Most of the studies conducted reveal that efficient workplace wellness programs help in reducing your healthcare costs. You should keep medicine, doctor visits and diseases at bay via taking part in efficient wellness programs.

Enhanced Physical Fitness and Weight Loss

Engaging in various physical activities at your workplace during breaks will greatly improve your overall wellbeing and physical fitness. Taking part in a number of physical activities will help in increasing your physical strength as well as tone your muscles well. When you focus on exercising, eating healthy foods and easing your mental stress, you will be surprised by how much excess weight you will be able to shed off. Wellness programs can be a blessing in disguise if you are planning to lose weight.

How Jeffrey Schneider Implements His Wellness Plans

Jeffrey Schneider chose a number of wellness plans that are suitable for his travel-oriented and fast-paced lifestyle. He chose a number of perspectives and practices that have enabled him strike a balance in his life at home and while on the road. Jeffrey Schneider reads The Blue Zones Solution, which helped him commit to a plant-based and pescatarian diet. He wakes up before dawn and works out before other people wake up. Jeffrey Schneider also stresses on the importance of showing up for his commitments and staying present. Lastly, he values eating with family and friends as the journey to wellness is best shared with people who matter the most.

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