Gregory James Aziz Leads National Steel Car

It takes a special kind of person to become an engineer. Engineering seems like one of those things that are easy to understand once the fundamentals have been learned. In reality, engineering is an ever-changing field that constantly raises problems and challenges. An engineer needs to be able to think outside of the box to come up with permanent solutions.


When it comes to North American car manufacturing, there’s no company better than National Steel Car. Founded in 1912, National Steel’s remained in the number one spot because it has the best innovative engineers and the newest technology.


The current CEO of National Steel Car is Gregory J Aziz. He’s been at the company since 1994, consistently upholding the founder’s values. He’s also one of the most appreciative CEOs, often thanking and crediting the company’s success to the efforts of every employee. He thanks all of the customers and suppliers that National Steel’s done business with.


Greg Aziz, although a brilliant man, doesn’t like talking about his own accomplishments. He prefers to focus on keeping everyone at the company happy. His management strategy is encouraging trust and commitment throughout all stages of the business; thus, ensuring that everyone is determined to make the company better.


Speaking of Mr. Aziz’s accomplishments, his career before National Steel is just as impressive. Prior to 1994, Aziz attended the University of Western Ontario. Immediately following graduation, he began working at Affiliated Foods, his family’s business. After earning some real work experience, he became an investment banker in New York.


By the time he joined National Steel Car, he’d learned that humble failures always trump arrogant successes. Although humble, that doesn’t stop him from leading National Steel to winning the TTX SECO award 13 times in a row.


Under Gregory J Aziz’s leadership, the company’s also becoming more philanthropic. It’s not enough for successful companies to just employee locals. Aziz believes that it’s necessary to also reach out and help the community itself. For the past few years, National Steel Car’s worked with its community, Hamilton, on food drives and sponsoring the local landmarks.


Aziz’s decades of experience taught him that companies that get comfortable with their success tend to lose productivity over time. That’s why he constantly raises the bar.


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