The Success of National Steel Car Thanks to Gregory Aziz

Part of the reason for the ultimate success of National Steel Car has to be due in part to the drive and persistence of CEO Gregory James Aziz. His company is the leading railroad freight manufacturer in the world, based out of Hamilton, Ontario and providing over 100 years of engineering excellence. National Steel Car has been leading the way for a century, and since Gregory J Aziz has taken over, they have broadened their focus into areas that are benefiting the community and world at large. The freight cars the company manufactures are the standard in which all others in that industry aspire to be.


CEO Greg Aziz will tell you that the cornerstone to the success of his company comes down to his people. Every one of his 2,000 employees are driven to the pursuit of excellence, and take it personally when they see that they are awarded North America’s top rail-car manufacture year after year. These employees want to be the best each year, and they want to improve upon last year’s success by creating a better product next year. Their on-time delivery record is stellar, and it is no wonder the company has given the TTX-SECO award for excellence year after year.


While Greg Aziz may have his company leading the way on one hand, on the other they are trying to set the tone for giving back to their community. The company and all the employees within are driven by a four-part road map that drives them to be better each year. First, the company is always making certain that they are honoring the traditions of the past. Secondly, they strive to move forward with a determination that cannot be derailed. Thirdly, the focus is always on pride, quality, and excellence. And finally, the company is determined to always be the leader in this industry that sets the tone for those that follow. See This Article for additional information.


National Steel Car has been giving back to Ontario for decades, and lately those efforts have spread to a global audience in need. Locally, National Steel Car is committed to helping the Hamilton Opera and Theater Aquarius, globally, they make significant contributions to the United Way and Salvation Army. National Steel Car is also paying its employees well above the median salary range, allowing that money to flow back into the local community and help others to thrive too. Gregory Aziz has been instrumental in the company being able to grow within and help those in need worldwide.

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