The changes that Dr. Villanueva has made in the practitioner’s life

Dr. Villanueva was the one who founded the MB2 dentals, and he was among the first people. There is a way most practitioners think things are supposed to be carried and so Dr. Villanueva has worked so hard to change that. He had one goal in mind and that’s the services that the sole practitioner and the corporate dentistry will be giving is the best. He had been in business for long, so he had the knowledge that would be needed in the managing of his business. He has been able to bring so many dentists together through founding the MB2 dental company. There are so many issues that the medical practitioners are facing, though the MB2 dental firm has been able to solve them. Dr. Villanueva created a website that most practitioners would use so that to share some of the problems that they were facing and get solutions. Also, he made sure that they would have holidays that would help them relax.
Before launching the firm, Dr. Villanueva had carried a research that would help him have an idea of some of the problem that was being faced by the dentists. He used some of the information he got to help the practitioners without having to interrupt them in their daily schedule. Dr. Villanueva in his research he noticed that most of the practitioners faced a lot of stress during the day and they didn’t have anyone to share with. And he thought having a place that they can share some of the challenges that they faced will be helpful.
Dr. Villanueva advised the employers that they should reduce the follow up of the employees. Because if the employees had continues follow up, then it would reduce their work effort by actually discouraging them. Dr. Villanueva said that if the employees were well equipped with some of the goals that the company had then they will give their total best to achieve them. He told most of the firm that they should take advantage of the creative sector so that to get in place with the so many changes that were happening. Dr. Villanueva believed that employers and employees should work together so that to achieve the goals of the company and increase production. And with all that Dr. Villanueva has been able to avoid some of the traditions that have been faced over the years. Also, he has been able to help so many practitioners.

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