How Nick Vertucci Went From Ashes to Class Then Ashes Again

Having made millions in the real estate industry, Nick Vertucci decided it was time to give back to the society. To do so, Nick set up the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy to provide solutions to the myriad of challenges and obstacles standing in the way of success for prospective real estate investors.

Using the academy, Nick would be able to pass on his million-dollar success formula to any interested parties. The course modules at NREA covered every possible angle of a real estate investment deal. It addressed issues to do with scouting for a lucrative, but lowly priced property and how to undertake the necessary repairs on the identified property before selling at massive profits. Students at NVREA also receive training on:-

  • Leveraging their 401K and IRA to fund real estate ventures
  • Asset and wealth protection
  • Holding, rehabbing and flipping real estate properties
  • Raising capital

3-Step Program at NVREA

The NVREA program involves three main steps. These are, the getting in, getting out, and then getting paid steps. The first step is to hunt and lock down deals that are not yet on the mainstream market’s radar. Buy the properties at cents to the dollar and generate huge ROI upon disposing of the properties later on. The second thing is timing your exit. NVREA helps you make the most informed decisions on whether to flip, rent or wholesale the acquired property. Finally, students get lessons on how to cash in on their hard work and efforts.

The Comeback King!

In the late nineties, however, Nick Vertucci got a much-needed reprieve when he started his own computer parts retailing business. Soon, Nick met and married the love of his wife and together they had three beautiful daughters. But, once more, disaster struck in the form of the dotcom bubble. The burst wiped all of Nick’s investment overnight. For the next two years, the seasoned real estate magnate found himself sinking further and further into debts. One day, a close pal recommended Nick to check out a real estate seminar and that’s how Nick’s journey to the top began.

Inspirational Figure

Nick’s life story has inspired thousands, maybe even more. He is said to have lived out of his car by the time he reached 20 years. Nick Vertucci was raised by a single mom after the dad passed away when he was just ten years old. No wonder, in the less than 4 years since setting up NVREA, it has transformed into the nation’s leading real estate incubator factory.

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