Businessman Vijay Eswaran Credits One Hour of Silence for Success

Want to sharpen your mind and expand your business skills? Take advice from Vijay Eswaran, author of In the Sphere of Silence and start practicing mouna vratham, the ancient ritual of setting aside one hour a day for absolute silence. The Malaysian entrepreneur has practiced this habit for 18 years and believes it has allowed him to be a better businessman for QI Group, where he currently serves as Executive Chairman.

In practice, Eswaran actually breaks the hour of silence into five steps listed below (along with the duration of each step) and asks himself the following questions:

  •  Focus on what happened yesterday. What steps could’ve been taken to make it better? Why weren’t these steps taken? (10 minutes)
  • Record everything that needs to be done today. (10 minutes)
  • Write down your goals for the next seven days, 12 months, and five years. Summarize these goals daily. (10 minutes)
  • Read an informative or inspirational book for 15 minutes. Afterwards, spend five minutes writing down a summary of what you just read. Review this summary before you begin your 15 minutes of reading the following day. (20 minutes)
  • Talk with your God in a comfortable way and write a summary of this communication. (10 minutes)

If the silence is broken at all during this hour, you must start the process over. Following these steps for 21 days will result as a habit according to Eswaran. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

This introspection and silence allows maximum channeling of energies, allowing participants to become a better person and therefore, better entrepreneurs. Modestly sold in Southeast Asia, In the Sphere of Silence also recommends readers to create daily to-do lists, focus on listening more, and think before speaking.

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