The Medical Career of Imran Haque

Imran Haque is an internal Medicine professional in North Carolina. He went to the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke –Salem Program where he graduated with honors back in 1998. He practices medicine in North Carolina where he is licensed for Conservation of Certification program in Internal Medicine. He is highly knowledgeable and concentrates on providing a broad range of services. He offers Diabetes treatment ideologies, weight controlling help, laser hair confiscation, 360 surfacing, and Venus physique contouring.

Dr. Imran has more than 19 years of familiarity in the field of Internal medicine. This credits his numerous associations with different hospitals such as Randolph Hospital, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, and Southeastern Regional Medical Centre. He serves as a principal care general practitioner and also a specialist treatment. He offers ultrasound laboratory services for his patients and explicit referrals to specialists when a need arises.

Up to date, Dr. Haque is a highly-respected and caring medical doctor who strives to offer exceptional services with some sense of specialization in Internal Medicine. During his old days as a new young doctor, he identified the opportunity to provide medical services that were not being offered locally. Positive feedback from customers who felt satisfied with his services inspired him to put an effort on community medicine.

Hard work and diligence through thorough research and financial possibilities brings worth life ideas into existence. Patience, the entire organization, and hard work pay for success. Imran firmly believes in positive relationships with other medical professionals to promote the success of the medical field as a whole. Incorporation of technology in the healthy life and therapeutic area as a whole motivates Imran since it has enormously contributed to the field of medicine.

The Golden Rule of treating other people as you wish to be treated has positively and mainly impacted his business by creating positive word of mouth, healthy interpersonal relationships and a strong networking foundation for professional connections. Imran encourages the youth to follow their dreams and passions by unleashing their full potential. He hopes to continue impacting the field of internal medicine positively through building strong relationships with the patients and other professionals.


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