Susan Mcgalla is an exceptional woman who has managed to work in various extremely male-dominated sectors and emerge the best.

In most successful companies it is the men who hold the executive and top-tier jobs and the women are left to handle the lesser jobs. It is perceived that a woman cannot handle a very stressful job that demands a lot. However, this is just a thought and not the reality that exists on the ground. This is because a woman can successfully excel in any position that she is given an opportunity to hold. Thus it is safe to say that what a man can do a woman can also do.

It is with this in mind that Susan Mcgalla is on the forefront of encouraging women to be leaders and to hold executive positions in various high-level companies. However, most of them shy away from these kinds of jobs either because they think they deserve the merit of being appointed directly or because they think that they can’t be accorded such positions. The role of establishments such as Women Leadership Initiatives is to encourage women to pursue executive high-level positions in successful companies. Moreover, these initiatives also provide support for the women. In addition to this, they also give them a podium of sharing their brilliant ideas and plan or share tactics in business or various professions. They also allow them to connect and make new networks that can assist them in businesses and their careers. These initiatives also feature some of the modern trends in various careers and businesses; therefore, they allow them to acquire more knowledge.

Although the role of the women initiatives cannot be overlooked their effectiveness has not been fully realized throughout the years. In that, they haven’t been able to provide women with the final breakthrough they need to make it sufficiently. This final push maybe provided by executive sponsorship by the small number of women in senior management positions.


Susan McGalla has never let her gender come in the middle of her successful career. She has been able to work in various notable companies such as American Eagle Outfitters, P3 Executive Consulting, and Pittsburgh Steelers among others. The fact that she is married to Stephen McGalla has never stopped her from pursuing her career goals.

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