Reviewing EOS Lip Balm

EOS lip balm is a product from the company – Evolution of Smooth. The company has changed the way people around the country apply lip balm. They decided it was no longer necessary for women to feel that boring old lip balm was just the way it was. They have essentially created a product that is fun to use. The EOS lip balm product applies to all five senses- creating an elegant, sleek product. Unlike traditional lip balm that comes in a stick or a tube, EOS lip balm comes in an egg-shaped covering. The top of the shell is unscrewed to reveal a spherical shaped ball of balm says The balm has caught the eyes of many women, including the infamous Miley Cyrus who has been spotted using EOS.

EOS lip balm has been on the market for a few years now and has become very popular. The company has recently come out with a new, upgraded version to the EOS lip balm. This new version is called the Crystal Lip balm, see for more. Hence the name, the balm within has a clear, transparent look to it. The shell is more or less the same, however it now features more of a triangular look. The clear look comes down to the removal of beeswax, which the company has done to make their product vegan. The product has the same hydration power as the original balm, without that heavy feeling that is normally associated with lip care products. Sales are skyrocketing as the new product has released. The new crystal EOS lip balm is packed with hydrating oils such as jojoba and coconut, as well as Vitamin E, order here! Dermatologist have fully tested this product and recommend it based on its hydrating power. Try out the EOS lip balm today, found in major retailers.

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