Rocketship Education and the Good It Does in Society

One thing that makes Rocketship Education stand out is its completely different but effective way of teaching students. With the use of adaptive software to show as well as the regular learning models, the students always have a much higher chance of comprehending. As a result of that, they always have a greater prospect of success which is the reason as to why many people are making a shift by adopting Rocketship Education for their children.

Rocketship Education, or RSED as it is popularly referred to as was founded back in 2007 by John Danner and Preston Smith. To date, they have sixteen charter schools in various places in America including Concord California, San Jose, Redwood City, Washington D.C., Nashville, and Milwaukee just to mention a few.

They believe in authenticity, which is a factor that is emphasized in every sense of the word. All of the children are carefully handled and are approached on a much more customized approach. That way, every child can have the potential to excel, exceeding everyone’s expectations. Every child is gifted differently, and with this kind of approach, all of them have the opportunity to thrive and become the best they can ever be.

To date, the Rocketship Public Schools have between 501-1000 employees, all working hand in hand to ensure that every student’s needs are met. And thanks to their undying dedication, they have managed to give children hailing from low-income communities to have a chance. Apart from giving these amazing students an opportunity to thrive, they also focus on discipline and humility – two components that ensure they succeed even further.

So, are there any benefits that are associated with the non-profit organization? Yes, there are! First and foremost, over 8,000 students have had their grades drastically improve after enrolling to the program. Secondly, the program favors students who come from low-income homes, putting them on the same platform as the rest of the kids.

If interested, you can just visit their official website to find the necessary contact information. You can either call them or drop an email using their official email and get a response as quickly as possible.

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