Dr. Clay Siegall Efforts in Ensuring a Cancer-Free World

Dr. Siegall has steered Seattle genetics to the top by the development of an antibody drug with multiple approved indications. Dr. Clay led to the development of more than 20 drugs as well as partnering with various pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer. For a company that began as a small startup, Seattle is currently enjoying a Lions share in the market all due to Mr. Clay efforts. With plans for the development of more drugs, Seattle genetics may as well move into the 21st-century medicine and development. Thanks to the new reforms of therapy, Dr. Siegall hopes to put away the old practices such as chemotherapy. The new ways are more tolerable and efficient as compared to the traditional means.

Seattle Company enjoys huge profits mainly due to the IPO that was put into place some time ago. Seattle genetics enjoys a niche which they have established in the market. During the startup period, there were financial constraints, but his work ethic and sheer hard work got him through. Dr. Clay cites that the sales department has also contributed a chunk towards the introduction of the drug. He has achieved this by having a board that has a background in the biometric sector. Dr. Clay concludes that by maintaining hard work, a difference with his other competitors will be maintained.

Dr. Clay Siegall has a bachelor’s degree in zoology. He attained the degree from the University of Maryland. He also attained a Ph.D. in genetics from George Washington University. Dr. Clay developed his interest in cancer treatment while studying for his undergraduate. After being a senior research scientist at Bristol Myers Squibb research institute for six years, Doctor Clay went on to establish Seattle genetics in 1998.

Under his stewardship, the company has multiple licenses for ADC technology with GSK and Prefitzer which has grossed more than 350 million to date. Dr. Clay has also led to the securing more than 1.2 billion by capital raising activities such as private and public funding. Dr. Clay serves on the board of various blue-chip companies. He has received honors from the University of Maryland and authored more has 70 publications. Above all, Dr. Clay’s objectives are to bettering the world by helping cancer patients.

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