EOS Grapefruit Lip Balm SPF 30: Sweet-Tart Flavor And Superior Protection

When it comes to lip balm, we all have our favorites in flavor, scent, protection and hydration.

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) is a brand that covers all those bases and does it with healthy and natural ingredients. You never have to worry about safety when using EOS; the formulas are petrolatum and paraben free. Who needs chemicals? These balms have been tested and always get the thumbs up by the dermatological community.

For those of us who are active and on the go indoors and outdoors, you want a buttery balm that performs and lasts long on the lips. The best flavor so many fans are obsessed with is EOS Grapefruit lip balm.

This is a must-have because the protection is superb with an SPF of 30. You can play in the sun, and do your thing and not have to worry about the formula giving out.

EOS Grapefruit smells fresh and amazing and delivers that attractive sweet-tart flavor. Some people swear that it lasts until the next morning. It packs a great tropical punch that is made from EOS’ signature blend of natural flavorings. Purchase your lip balm here at amazon.de.

Not only is the flavor addictive, but the performance of this balm is the bomb. It’s water-resistant, and you can swim with it on. It protects against the dryness our lips pick up after swimming in chlorinated pools, for example.


How many lip balm brands can do that?

Evolutionofsmooth.com is formulated with nourishing botanical extracts like shea butter, jojoba oil and Vitamin E. These balms feel rich and moisturizing on the lips and help combat chapping and a thirsty pout.

EOS’ ball applicator is ideal, and the concept of a spherical lip balm is rather brilliant. Every tiny corner of your lips gets covered.

Check out EOS Grapefruit for SPF protection, hydration and long-lasting flavor.


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