David McDonald’s View On The Global Food Market

Multinationals need to maintain a local touch within different communities in as much they possess a global outlook. For any big company, an organizational structure that works in the US market does not stand the same change in say China. Every global destination is unique because of different cultures, government policies and even taste and preferences of communities.

According to a seasoned entrepreneur who heads OSI Group which is one of the biggest food processing company David McDonald, big enterprises must install local management teams that are acutely aware of the local cultures and tastes of the communities in which they operate.

OSI Group Industries which is headquartered in Aurora, USA, boasts of a century of providing leadership in the global food industry. The company offers a broad range of assorted meat products to various retailers in the world. The firm is currently working on an aggressive expansion plan in the Chinese Market.

OSI Group Industries is set to be one of the leading meat processors in China. According to David McDonald, the company has laid out strategic plans in the proposed expansion in China. So far, the firm is building a mega-plant in Henan Province, China. The reason why OSI Industries has particular interests in China is that the country has one of the fastest growing consumer markets on the globe. With a population as big as that of China, an enterprise of OSI’s stature cannot go wrong. David McDonald avers that his firm wants to grow together with China for mutual gains.

Apart from China, another market that David McDonald considers to be important is the European market. Recently, the business leader led OSI to conduct one of the biggest business transactions in his company that included the acquisition of Baho Foods and Flagship Europe.

David McDonald attributes the ambitious expansion plan to the energy that Sheldon Lavin, the President of the company has injected in his employees. Sheldon Lavin has succeeded in establishing an enterprise culture at OSI, something that keeps pushing the firm to greater heights and discoveries. For more info about us: https://relationshipscience.com/david-g-mcdonald-p4523992 click here.

According to David McDonald, the growth of the business is not only pegged on its ability to increase production capacity but also in its focus on product development. David believes that the products of a company need to grow along with the enterprise because this is the actual measure of the impact of the business.

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