Making Substantial Changes in Cancer Treatment Therapies-Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics

There is nothing that is more devastating than watching a loved one fade away due to a condition that is reasonably treatable. When Dr. Clay Siegall was 19, his father was diagnosed with cancer and placed on chemotherapy. He fought the battle for five years and during this time; Clay started questioning the benevolence of the cancer treatments which were present back then. He vowed that he would learn as much as he could about genetics and biotechnology and in time, come up with an antibody-based therapy which would replace the harsh chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

He attended the University of Maryland and got his Bachelors of Science Degree in Zoology, after this, he went on to graduate school and got a Ph.D. in genetics. To gather the experience that he needed in the field, he took up a job with Bristol-Myers Squibb, a global pharmaceutical company. He has also worked with the national cancer institute and some other organizations which deal with research into cancer. He started Seattle Genetics in 1998. When he was starting out, the company did not have a lot of resources. He has however managed to raise enough money to take the company through the worst by pushing for both public and private funding. He has formed some strategic partnerships with companies such as GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer among others, which has raised more than $350 million.

Clay founded Seattle Genetics on three main pillars scientific innovation, thorough research and most importantly, the desire to help humankind. He vets his employees to make sure that besides the drive to advance science, they have a passion for helping humanity. Clay believes that humans do not have such vast fundamental differences and that work ethic determines the difference in success. When asked whether the company is selling out, he went back to the issue of scientific research to help humankind and added that Seattle Genetics was here to stay.

Resilience is a value which has helped the company to get to where they are, and with the sound leadership being offered by Clay Siegall, the company is destined for more.

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